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My mom got so mad at me when I came home wearing my binder I don’t even understand

She got all flipped out/defensive/weird about it. She stared at me with this angry critical look on her face and kept saying “well I don’t see why you *need* to do this” and “Squishing your chest like that can’t be *healthy*”. She just kept repeating her insistence that I don’t need to flatten my chest.

I tried to tell her that I hate my chest, I have always hated it, and that I feel like shit walking around with these stupid fat bags sticking out for everyone to see, like I have a sack of potatoes under my shirt. Maybe she’s stuck on the fact that it took me from puberty until age 25 to get the courage to say it (as if this is a recent idea or something haha), but this is exactly fucking why I didn’t say anything sooner. I’ve known this shit for twenty years and bottled it all up inside.

Because as verbally supportive as she was when I told her I am genderqueer, it was ok because that was just some insignificant thing that I could say that nobody would understand anyway. Now that I am actually physically doing something that defies the gender binary she is uncomfortable and most likely embarrassed at the thought of having to explain this to others. Perfect.

My underworks 997 binder came in the mail yesterday and today is my first full day wearing it at work and it squeezes everything down so nice. All the boob mass is kind of pushed up and out a bit so it makes my chest/shoulders feel wider and since it goes down over my hips and tummy it kind of squidges them down too and I just feel so awesomely masculine today UWU

The snugness doesn’t even bother me, it kind of gives me some back support too since I always slouch. Nobody has commented on it either which I was kind of worried about.

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